Six Ways to Reduce Water Waste

Six Ways to Reduce Water Waste

Reduce water waste is vital

Our demand for water is increasing as the world’s population grows. If we reduce the stress that we place on our rivers, lakes, and reservoirs, we can decrease their vulnerability. Water conservation is essential to the survival of all species. It also protects their ecology and habitats. Water is scarce. Out of the total 70%, only 0.03 per cent is available as fresh water. We must learn how to conserve our water resources as water becomes scarcer to ensure water preservation in the future. Our water supplies can be made more resilient to climate change and droughts by making better use of water in our homes, gardens, businesses, and at work.

1 Reduce shower time

A shower is a better option than a bath. A traditional bath uses around 80 litres of water. However, a 5-minute shower takes only half that. A 4-minute shower can be saved by setting a timer. This could save 4000 litres per year for a family of 4.

2 Look for leaks or drips

On a regular basis, check your house for leaky faucets and toilets. This may not seem like an issue until you consider that one leaky faucet can waste up to 15 litres of drinking water each day and that a leaking loop can lose as much as 400 litres per hour on average.

Six Ways to Reduce Water Waste

3 Do not run taps

Turn off the water faucet while you brush your teeth, wash your dishes, or scrub your hands. This is one of the easiest ways to conserve water at home. These actions can help you save as much as 5 litres per minute.

4 Buy a dual-flush toto

Dual-flush toilets can reduce your toilet’s water consumption by up to half. A full flush of approximately 5 litres or a half flush of 4 litres can help you save water. Visit to read about How to deal with a home leakage emergency.

5 Do not use the pressure washer

Although pressure washers can be convenient, they require a lot more water. They should not be used every day. Instead, grab your trusty watering can. Although it will take more effort, you’ll save hundreds of litres. You can save hundreds of litres of water by purchasing a more efficient, newer power washer.

6 Install a water-saving head for your shower.

By investing in special types of showerheads and showerheads, you can save even more water. You can also take shorter showers. Aerated showerheads work by mixing water and air, creating the same sensation as a traditional shower but at significant savings. You will use approximately 5 litres less water per minute than a regular shower head.